Welcome ...

To Paragon Cooperative Learning Academy

The PCLA Board and Administration would like to thank you for your interest in Paragon Cooperative Learning Academy and Paragon Academy. It is our firm belief that the Lord is in charge of every area of this program, and He is the one who adds to us those who He desires to be here. We give Him all honor and glory for the success of the program and all that has been accomplished through PCLA. PCLA offers classes for homeschool students in the Newton, Rockdale, Henry Counties and surrounding area. These programs are designed to enrich your homeschool environment, and not only promote learning through academic excellence and achievement, but also provide the opportunity to develop lasting friendships between home-educated students. What an exciting year awaits us, and we know that the Lord has many good things in store for all of us as we labor together to raise up His children through godly educational opportunities. It is our prayer that the Lord will bless each family and give you a wonderful school year.

Please see our full list of courses offered in the Course Catalog.

We are a ministry...

Paragon Cooperative Learning Academy is a ministry to homeschooling families. We are an interdenominational association that requires each family to sign our statement of faith

Our Mission at PCLA...

The mission of Paragon Cooperative Learning Academy is to provide high quality classes to the homeschool community. It is the goal of PCLA to supplement, enrich, and support what is being taught in the home and not replace the home educating parent. We seek to provide homeschooling students with classroom opportunities that are taught in a Christian environment by qualified teachers. It is our desire to see the Lord glorified in all that we say and all that we do in and through PCLA.

Information Regarding On-Line Public Schools and PCLA...

This includes but is not limited to the following programs:

Georgia K12 Academy is an tuition free online public school
Georgia Cyber Academy is also a tuition free online public school
Georgia Connections Academy is a tuition free online charter public school.

If your child is enrolled in a program like this, you are not homeschooling. You are not considered the teacher.
You are a learning coach.

How is K12 differ from GA Virtual School or PCLA? With the latter two, you are still legally registered as a homeschooling parent and still in control of which subjects and programs your child takes. It is parent directed education. With K12, it is an all or nothing course-load. They keep up with attendance.

Home school students are not restricted with regard to the number of courses they may take each semester.

Public school students: Local schools will pay tuition and fees for students enrolled in a GaVS course that is part of the student's regular school day.

Private and home school students: Students are required to pay tuition and fees for all GaVS enrollments.

Tuition Schedule
High school A or B course: $250 tuition
High school AB course: $500 tuition
Middle School course: $250 tuition

Fee Schedule (per semester beginning Fall 2014)
Resource Fee: $5 per student
AP Course Fee: $35 per course

Beginning with the summer 2014 semester, home school students are no longer required to take the End of Course Test.
Home school students enrolled in courses where EOCT is required will take the final exam.

If your child is enrolled in an on-line public school, you are no longer a homeschooler according to the state of GA and therefore that student cannot attend PCLA.

The PCLA Parent Student Commitment form states the following:

All families registered with PCLA must be homeschooling in compliance with the laws established by the state of Georgia. You must provide a copy of your current year Declaration to Intent to Homeschool form.

For more information please see the HEIR (Home Education Information Resource) website.